Which moment of truth is defining your journey today?

So one of my biggest passions in life is marketing. I don’t know when it started or why, but for the longest possible time I have been consumed with a fascination for understanding what drives consumer behaviour and why they choose the products they do.

So for me there are these ‘moments of truth’ which are generally accepted in the world of consumer marketing speak as defining steps in the consumer journey. I have always been familiar with the first and second moment of truth, being the point of purchase and the actual use of product. Recently someone introduced me to the zero moment of truth referring to the fact that for many consumers today, decisions and influence points are happening before the instore environment and if we do not utilise these opportunities appropriately, we may have lost the consumer before they even enter the door.

So for me this section is about my passion for consumer marketing… for a long time this has been an area I have been hesitant to speak up about because so often in a globally driven corporate brand team I do not always get to drive consumer communication work the way I would do it if it were all up to me, but how true is this for so many of us…so now I am slowly going to start speaking up because I’d rather join the conversation from a platform of clear imperfection than never learn and grow with everyone around me.

I think now more than ever it is up to us to understand where in the journey the consumer has drifted away from our conversation and why?

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