One day when I’m big…

Mia: Mom (said in quiet hesitant voice) do you think that when I’m big, very big, like a girl, maybe when I’m 17…(voice becomes more cautious) do you think you could buy me a cellphone for that birthday?
Mom: so for your birthday when you turn 17 you want me to buy you a cellphone?
Mia: yes please mommy
Me: ok angel I’ll remember (thinking to myself of course I’ll remember. I’ll remember when you’re 7 and ask for one and 8 and ask for one etc etc)
Mia: ok mom I’ll remind you. (in such a ‘I just sealed the deal’ voice

And in my head: Oh Mia Crowe if you only knew where I worked or what I did…what would happen then?
My poor innocent, who will look back and think dark thoughts about her parents.

Mia AKA Rapunzel

So one day in Dec 2010 whilst her second mother was babysitting her, my cunning and deceptive daughter gave herself a hair cut. Lets say she went from just over shoulder length to Mohawk – it was very impactful and had to be rapidly rescued by our friends at Chop It.

So began a period of mourning in her life, a time when she truly had to acknowledge the role she had played i.e. central, pivotal, instrumental – there really was no one else to blame – in cutting off her precious locks, and so the year of Rapunzel worship entered our domain.

So the theme of her party was set Rapunzel it would be. And oh what a party it was.  There are so many things I could say, should say, but won’t because they always say once it is written down, you can never take it back and everyone has heard versions of what led up to the fateful day of my husband discovering the biggest children’s party imaginable.

The amazing Rapunzel Activity updating board for the kids

One could almost say he discovered it when he arrived there. Except that he made the cake and so he had to have a clue that there were 50+ kids coming. So let’s agree that he began to pick up that maybe things had slipped out of control the night before.

You know how sometimes in life you go out to be deliberately deceptive, and hide things from someone because you know if you tell them the full truth, they will say no and you are so determined to have your own way that you proceed knowing full well what their reaction will be but hiding your decision and actions long enough so that once they discover what is happening, there is no way for them to stop you from proceeding. Well this situation could not have been farther from that example than you could ever have imagined.

There I was having been travelling for weeks on end, sick as a dog with a sinus infection which had actively drained my brain and all I did was innocently send out invites to those I thought we should invite. All I forgot to do was write a list first and count it. The only guest list I wrote with that party was the RSVPs as they came in and let me tell you by the time I realised what was happening, things were so out of control that I knew this was a beast even I could not control.

Of course like he does every year, because he is the best father in the world, Murray went on to make her the princess castle cake she had been describing since January and oh what an act of love it was. One day when we are alone, ask me about those roof tiles, and about Zizi and the number of candles…but of course what does she notice and love most of all – the purple flag ribbons!

Famous castle cake with the happiest Princess of them all

But then the beautiful and amazing Bronwyn and Meagan stepped in and saved me, taking over the entire decor, party pack, games and so many pieces of the plan that just transformed the monster into a mistress of beauty. People like Lara and Juliet and Charleen all helped with pieces of the party and without them I could not have done it.

All the moms who helped with the treasure hunt, and Steve who let down the biggest basket of treasure I have ever seen… all these amazing friends helped my daughter feel like the absolute princess she is, and even though the reality that hair takes time to grow has now sunk in….so too has the feeling that she is loved.

She told me afterwards “you know mom, I have lots of friends and cousins who love me” and that after all is so much more important than how long her hair is. But I do think the wig helped!

Rapunzel on her jumping castle

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